Is Education Affordable In International School In Thailand?

Just like a few other things in the world, education is expensive but can be affordable. Depending on who is actually asking the question?

A lucky few who are opportune to be in Thailand due to work, have their kids’ school fees paid for as part of their benefits. Hence they can afford the prices of the grade A or top-tier international schools in Thailand. However, a few expat parents may need to sort the bills by themselves. This becomes a source of heartache to the parents owing to the exhaustive bills requested by most of these international schools.

This might make parents question if an international school in Thailand is really affordable.

Thing is, there is something for everyone. The international schools in Thailand are made of different tiers. Top tier tends to request a more exhaustive annual fee. Tier 2 tends to be much more affordable than tier 1 and so on.

The mistake most parents make is thinking that the most expensive school provides the best education. This is not totally true. While the quality of education is seen to increase as the price of the fees increase, some schools pay less and can accord your children with the best education of their lives.

International schools in Thailand is fancied by the top-class locals in the society – a few of them, and the expats. It is only a parent’s choice after considering various other factors, to decide which is suitable for them. However, for expat kids, it is better for them to attend low-cost international schools than none at all.

If your child will be attending the top tier international school in Thailand, you should be looking at 150,000 to about 900,000 Thai Baht. Although there are various charges like the security deposit, meal charges, uniform, books and PTA that makes these schools charge such huge amounts, the international schools in Thailand are way cheaper when compared with other schools in many parts of Asia and Europe.

Also if you have more than one kid in a particular international school in Thailand, you would be given a discount – ‘sibling discount’ sometimes on your second but mostly third kid onwards.

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