The Concept
My best wishes are to demonstrate the emotional power of the violin songs in the formation of imagi- nation of minds staying in unconci- ous ideas and concealed with the principles of philosophy and tuth in daily lives. All the beings have to struggle and search the truth in the lives amid the gradually-
crumbled societies, both being forced and admitting to aperform the society's regulations, customs and
traditions. If someone does not perform that norms, society will punish and remove him out since no one in the society help accepting his doing against the society's customs and traditions. After that, sorrow,
hopelessness and loneliness will happen and nobody cut of the society can endure. Unless that person chooses to fight or surrender, time and that feeling
will lead to his own ego. There fore, all my works are created to hearsay the feelings of human lives' power, which are likely the imagination song, foll of rhythm. emotional
movements originated from the violin's sound and formation as well as thaihood which I am very impre- ssed. Bring all of them together, rearrange, shorten, increse the strength through the imgination and demonstrate the semi-abstract and expreeionism paintings on the fabric through the paintbrush to demonstr- ate all human beings the truthin the current society