What To Expect On FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Day

Step 1: Getting ready for hair transplant

Once the pictures are taken, the surgeon who will carry out the surgery is consulted. Previous photos and medical records are checked and the surgery is well planned.

Step 2: Deliberation before the actual hair transplant surgery

During this step, the doctor will make a final review in regards to the total number of hair follicles to be removed, the number of hair shafts in the follicles and the broadness of the shafts. The sites and density of the hair transplantations are determined after the patient’s expectations are considered. In this stage, it is important for both the surgeon and the patient’s expectations to be compatible.  The doctor needs to be realistic about what they can achieve while considering the patient’s expectations.

Step 3: Hairline planning

For a hair transplant to be considered successful, the results must look natural. People should not notice that your patient had an operation. For this to happen, the hairline must be well planned so that a natural result is achieved.

During this stage, the doctor must listen and put into consideration the expectations of the patient. However, the current appearance of the client and their facial symmetry should also be factored. A laser pointer device is best used to help in maintaining symmetry. 

Step 4: Hair cut

Once everything has been planned out and all are in agreement, the client is prepared for the surgery. He is then given a grade 1 haircut. If it’s a small amount of hair that will be transplanted, the procedure is carried out by cutting thin hair strips and not an entire haircut.

Step 5: Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is administered so that the procedure is painless and that there is no bleeding.

Step 6: Implantation of hair follicles

This involves the individual implantation of hair follicles into the prepared hair canals. This is the last stage, and the hair follicles are injected into the right depth at the right angle without interfering with their composition. This is a very delicate operation that needs lots of precision and patience. The hair follicles must be worked in every canal without omitting any of them.

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